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How many people in a small group?

At ASIAQUEST TOURS, we specialize in small group travel.  The maximum group size you could expect is 18 people, although it is more likely that you will be travelling with 10-16 people.  The minimum group size is 10.

What does fully inclusive mean?

When we say that our trips are fully inclusive, we mean it!  You will find a full list of inclusions .  The only expenses that are NOT included are meals on Singapore and Bangkok stopovers, travel insurance and your personal expenses.  We think that you will agree that this represents excellent value for money!

How physically fit should I be?

Please be aware that walking, boarding and disembarking coaches and boats and climbing monument stairs are required at many places.  Tours generally involve gentle walking but may also involve more strenuous walking in hilly areas.  You will be made aware of any activities requiring physical exertion in advance, and you are under no obligation to participate.

Are there any vaccination requirements?

There are no compulsory vaccinations for destinations covered by our brochures.  However we recommend that you take any necessary precautions to protect against Hepatitis A and B, tetanus, typhoid and malaria.  We suggest that you visit your GP or a travel vaccination centre at least 60 days prior to departure.

Do I need travel insurance?

It is a condition of travelling with ASIAQUEST TOURS that you obtain comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for the duration of your trip.  We would be happy to arrange insurance for you or you are welcome to shop around.

What if I am a single traveller?

Single travellers have a choice of paying a single supplement or sharing a room with someone of the same gender.  While ASIAQUEST TOURS will make every effort to arrange share accommodation, we accept no responsibility for the suitability of the rooming partner.  If at any time during the tour a client considers their rooming partner to be unsuitable, ASIAQUEST TOURS will endeavour to arrange a single room AT EXTRA COST, subject to availability in the same hotel.

Can I collect Frequent Flyer points?

Most of our tour groups fly with Singapore Airlines in economy class departing from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.  Please note that, for group bookings on Singapore Airlines or Thai Airways, you cannot collect Frequent Flyer points.

What is the best time to travel?

Indochina* & Myanmar Jan-Apr or Aug-Dec
India+ Sept-Mar
China Mar-June or Aug-Oct
Japan Aug-Oct or Mar-May
Sri Lanka Feb-May or Jul-Dec

* Indochina spans several climatic zones and while it may be cold in Hanoi, it can be very warm in Ho Chi Minh City or Cambodia.

+ For ‘Eastern Horizons’, ‘Heavenly Kashmir’ and ‘Road to Bhutan’, we have highlighted the best times to travel  in Departure Dates for each itinerary.

Can I break my journey in Singapore ?

You can break your journey at the end of your planned itinerary only. We will be more than happy to assist in making travel arrangements for you in Singapore or Bangkok.  Please note however that any stopovers outside the planned itinerary are subject to breakaway fees of $150.00 per person plus airport departure taxes.

What if I want to do an extension tour?

We are happy to organise extension tours in any of our destination countries at the end of your planned itinerary only.  We can suggest a range of extension tours or can help you to organise your own.

 How much money do I need?

As your trip is fully inclusive, you only have to pay for your personal expenses, meals on Singapore and Bangkok stopovers and foreign airport departure taxes (if required).  So if you are not a big shopper, you will find that about US$500 to US$1000 is more then enough for the entire journey.  Bring your credit card along too just in case you find something irresistible!

How do I arrange my spending money?

We strongly suggest that you carry cash to cover most day-to-day expenses.  Australian dollars are readily exchanged in India, Sri Lanka and Japan while US dollars are preferred in our other destination countries.  Credit cards are readily accepted in most destination countries that we visit.  ATMs are not commonly available and may not be reliable in many of the cities and towns that we visit.

Will I be able to access the internet?

While most of the hotels that we stay in have access to WIFI, connection speeds and reliability are variable.  Some hotels have free WIFI access while others charge a fee.

How early should I book?

We recommend that you book your trip 6 months or at least 4-5 months prior to the departure date to ensure a seat.  Because ASIAQUEST TOURS runs excellent value small group tours, we get booked out early most of the time.

What should I pack?

This will depend very much on the country you are visiting and the time of year you are travelling.  However, once you are booked on a tour, we can advise you on what to pack and will provide you with a packing checklist for your convenience.

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