When you think of a conical hat – then Vietnam springs to mind. From rice paddies to the bustling alleyways in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the conical hat is ubiquitous in Vietnam! Vietnam is home to the Mekong River Delta, sandy beaches, hill stations, massive limestone caves and sweeping mountain vistas along with the World Heritage listed Halong Bay where up to 3000 limestone islets jut out of the emerald seas. A cruise amongst these remnants is a highlight for all visitors. Although predominantly rural in nature, Vietnam has modern cities and ancient towns. In the south, Saigon is spacious and modern. Hoi An is an ancient town in central Vietnam. The ancient capital Hue is home to the royal dynasties and tombs of the great emperors. Hue is famous for the Perfume River and its beautiful women! Finally in the north is Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam with its maze of narrow winding alleyways selling everything from threads to coffins.

Wonders of Indochina

AUD $6780

Save $350!!
Perfect for those who wish to visit Angkor Wat while exploring Vietnam from south to north, including Sapa
Journey to the heart of Indochina to find ancient and natural wonders of Cambodia and Vietnam.
Wander amongst the ruins of one of the foremost architectural wonders of the world, Angkor Wat
Stroll amongst the lakes and green open spaces of Hanoi, “Paris of the Orient”.
Vietnam Vistas

AUD $5480

Save $350!!
Perfect tour for travellers with limited time who wish to discover the highlights of Vietnam, from south to north and from hill stations to beaches. Also includes hill tribe area of Sapa
Take time to savour the natural & rural vistas of Vietnam
Discover the spectacular mountain scenery & diverse hill tribes of Sapa
Admire the beautiful women of Hue, ancient capital of Vietnam
Vietnam Discovery

AUD $4980

Save $350!!
Perfect tour for travellers with limited time who wish to discover the highlights of Vietnam, from south to north and from hill stations to beaches.
Medium pace tour
Accommodation in 4 star hotels
Tour by air, coach, boat and tour
Indochina Highlights

AUD $5880

Save $350!!
This tour is for those with limited time who wish to discover some major highlights that Vietnam and Cambodia have to offer. Starting in Phnom Penh and ending in Hanoi, we utilize air, coach and boat travel to get around.
Boat tour on the Mekong River
Famous Cu Chi tunnels
Halong Bay's Magnificent limestone
Mystical Indochina

AUD $6280

Save $350!!
This very popular tour of Vietnam and Cambodia is similar to Indochina Highlights but also covers the beach resorts and hill stations between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
Terrace of Elephants
Hanoi's Old Quarter
Sunset views of Angkor Wat
Sapa Extension

AUD $880

Save $25!!
With its rugged mountain scenery, rich tribal culture, Sapa is home to a diverse ethnic population, birds, plants and animals.
Village of black Hmong people
Panoramic views of Sapa
Flower market of Hanoi
Singapore Extension 2

AUD $650

Save $1!!
Enjoy the impressive views of Marina Bay on this city tour, visit one of Singapore’s oldest Buddhist-Taoist temples and explore Singapore Botanic Gardens.
Observe Local craftsmen in Chinatown.
Gardens with 60,000 orchid plants.
Little India with its joss sticks, & jasmine.

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