If you seek that charming juxtaposition of the old and the new, the modern and the traditional, the hectic and the sublime, then visit almost any city in China.
China has a wealth of archeological treasures underlying its 5000-year old civilization. The 3220-kilometre long Great Wall is one of the greatest human achievements. It took 700,000 labourers 36 years to create the more than 7000 unique terracotta warriors and their horses. Sail down the Yangtze River through the magnificent Three Gorges. Follow the Silk Road where camel caravans carried goods and Buddhism into China over 2000 years! This is where the Gobi desert meets the icy peaks of the Karakoram Pass. China is “larger than life”, “bigger than Ben Hur” and chances are that, whatever you are seeking in a travel destination, you will find it in China!

Classic China

AUD $6880

Save $350!!
Explore the eastern part of China from Shanghai to Kunming. Wonder in the forest of stone pillars shaped by the wind & rain at Shilin
Catch the city views from The Bund, Shanghai’s answer to “Wall Street”.
Admire the canals and bridges of the 900-year old “Venice of China”, World Heritage-listed Zhouzhuang.
Take in the magnificent gorges while cruising the mighty Yangtze River.
Pinnacle Panorama

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Discover the natural beauty of south-eastern part of China. Gaze down on rain forest habitat home to rare plants and animals in Zhangiajie National Forest Park
Enter the Forbidden City, home to the Ming and Qing emperors, but off limits to everyone else for 500 years
Delight in the presence of the ancient army of Terracotta Warriors, the major archaeological discovery of the 20th Century.
Linger around West Lake, the main attraction of ‘paradise’ on earth, Hangzhou.
China Discovery

AUD $5880

Save $350!!
For those who wish to discover the highlights of eastern China, including Yangtze and Li River cruises.
The Great Wall of China
Cruise the mighty Yangtze River
Fabulous Terracotta Warriors
Wonders Of China

AUD $7280

Save $350!!
A popular tour that explores south-eastern China and includes two river cruises starting in Hong Kong and ending in Beijing.
World Heritage Terracotta Warriors
Explore Hong Kong Island
Visit 2000 Year Old Kunming
China Unveiled

AUD $7480

Save $350!!
An in-depth tour perfect for those who wish to cover a lot of ground between Beijing and Shanghai utilising air, boat and coach travel.
Cruise through the Three Gorges
Kunming's Stone Forest
Shanghai's Jade Buddha Temple
Singapore Extension 2

AUD $650

Save $1!!
Enjoy the impressive views of Marina Bay on this city tour, visit one of Singapore’s oldest Buddhist-Taoist temples and explore Singapore Botanic Gardens.
Observe Local craftsmen in Chinatown.
Gardens with 60,000 orchid plants.
Little India with its joss sticks, & jasmine.

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