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AT ASIAQUEST TOURS, we take great pride in offering you what we think is the very best value for your hard-earned dollars.  We do not cut corners or promise you one thing and deliver another.  We are confident that you will be satisfied with our great attention to detail and our services.


Your first point of contact to join one of our tours is the Sydney Asiaquest Tours office.  Feel free to contact us to discuss any of our itineraries in detail so that you will be more informed when shopping around for comparable value.

The first person you will meet on your arrival in destination countries is your National Escort.  At Asiaquest Tours, we make sure that you are provided with an escort that understands Australians and their requirements when travelling.  Your escort is not only knowledgeable about the history and culture of the country you are visiting, he/she has a good command of the English language.  At the same time, he/she will explain daily village and city life that you observe on the road.  Just as importantly, you can rely on your escort to look after you and solve any day-to-day problems you may have along the way.  This is also the person that will look after the group’s tipping requirements wherever you go.


At Asiaquest Tours, we specialize in small group travel.  We believe that being a member of a small group ensures that you have more personalized attention and that you can blend in more with the locals.  For you, the benefits are obvious – more room in the bus, more opportunities to take in all the sights and sounds and more unobstructed snapshots!  The maximum group size you could expect is 18 people, although it is more likely that you will be travelling with 10-16 people.  Tours generally involve gentle walking but may also involve more strenuous walking in hilly areas.  You will be made aware of any activities requiring physical exertion in advance, and you are under no obligation to participate.


All hotels are not the same, even if they are in a similar price range.  We make a special effort to make sure that we use only the best quality hotels within the price range included in your tour.  These are chosen on the basis of their cleanliness, consistent high quality service, security and location.  All the hotels that we utilize in our destination countries are excellent quality 4-star hotels with private facilities and all our overnight cruises in Indochina and China utilize 5-star boat accommodation.


When our groups travel by road, we use modern, air-conditioned coaches that are perfect for small group travel.  If there are more then 15 passengers, we provide a 30-35 seater coach to ensure that everyone has enough leg room and that there are plenty of window seats to choose from.  Because we want you to experience all forms of transport that our destinations have to offer, we routinely offer comfortable boat, rail and plane travel on our itineraries.


One of the highlights of travelling in Asia is the food.  For lunch and dinner, our National Escort personally selects the dishes on your menu, making sure that you sample the specialties of the region.  Restaurants are chosen for their ability to provide high quality food and service to our groups.  If you have any special dietary requirements, let us know and we will arrange everything.


At Asiaquest Tours, we respect the people, culture, religion and environment of the countries we tour.  We advise our clients about appropriate clothes to pack before departure and continue to recommend suitable dress throughout the tour when visiting places of worship, mausoleums, etc.  We ask that our clients do not litter but dispose of any rubbish in appropriate bins (even if that means carrying it around until you reach the hotel).  We expect that our overseas operators, guides and associated contractors abide by our standards by not throwing rubbish from vehicles or boats, anchoring amongst delicate coral reefs or treating animals inhumanely.  If you notice any activities that you find culturally or environmentally unsound, please report these directly to your escort and to Asiaquest Tours.  Due to cultural and language differences, you may find it difficult to stop these practices without offending the person and/or perhaps only temporarily halting the offending activity.  Your tour operator can make a lasting difference through careful selection of business associations (i.e. not hiring those who do the wrong thing) and through long-term education.  Be realistic – Rome wasn’t built in a day and the world cannot be changed overnight!


So how much extra is all this going to cost you?  The good news is that all our tours are fully inclusive and cover the following:  accommodation; food and transport during your trip; Australian airport departure tax; fuel levy surcharge; and domestic flights, train fares, gratuities and taxes at your destination.  We think that you will agree that this represents excellent value for money!  All you have to pay for on tour are your personal expenses including, your drinks, laundry, telephone calls, and shopping.  If you are not a big shopper you will find that about US$500 to US$1000 is more than enough for the entire journey.  Otherwise, bring your credit card along too.


It is important that you read all the booking conditions, fill out the booking form and forward it to us with a deposit of $300.00 per person.  We will mail you confirmation of the tour.  It is also recommended that you call us prior to mailing or faxing the booking form to confirm availability of seats on the tour you are interested in.  Because ASIAQUEST TOURS runs excellent value small group tours, we get booked out early most of the time.




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